Crossed is my finger,

Awaiting the ‘Final’ day,

Which will unfold my mood,

May be sad may be gay.



Presently my future is blinded

Waiting for the Day to strike,

Deciding for me

What my future will be like… 


I think of enjoying

My current days in Hand

Still I go through the miseries

Wishing for a Magic Wand



Through the clouded sky,

My moistened eyes I clear,

To Glimpse a Ray of Sunshine,

Promising a happy future near…



I Pray to the Almighty,

without a word loss,

I search between Clouded Sky,

Keeping my fingers Crossed.


14 responses »

  1. No one knows what tomorrow will bring
    but hope is a very good thing
    sometimes it lends you wing
    and even through pain help you sing
    for every winter is followed by spring
    so uncross your fingers and into life fling.

    Shiny, excellent verse. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

  2. Very well expressed mental uncertainities of youth.

    I like the poet in you.

    Future is uncertain up to the extent of external events, but significantly predictable on the basis of recent events and accumulated stature.

    There is nothing to worry about future or to repent about past.

    Whatever we sow, so shall we reap.

    Best is to keep on working with appropriate goals.

    • thank you,,for going through my works..and for you comments.. 🙂
      yes you are right- “Best is to keep on working with appropriate goals.” thank you so much

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