I am a good girl with a lot of bad habits.
When I’m good, I’m really good, but when I’m bad,
I’m even better…
I just do what I want. It’s not about what people are saying, its about ME.
 I am my Favourite… (main apni favourite hoon)
I am not afraid of any thief but myself, who will end by leaving me with nothing.
The only person I compete with is Myself, because I haven’t found a fairer match yet.
I love to walk in the rain, not to hide my tears… I love it just like that…
I can hide my tears in my room or in the washroom also, I don’t need the rain for that.
I’m a type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence over something that happened a year ago…
My life has been one great big joke,
A dance that’s walked,
A song that’s spoke,
I laugh so hard I almost choke,
When I think about myself.
I come home to Myself everyday…..
My heart beats…
beats me senselessly.
Most often, walking alone with my shadow is how I find my answers.
I love laughing…no…crying..no laughing…..wait…..I am confused…
I love laughing…laughing with you, for you.
I love crying…crying with me, for me.
The way I live- Classy but Wild, I am a celebrity in my mood.
For Me: Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional…..
Normal people worry Me.
Sometimes I pretend to be normal; but it gets boring so I go back to being ME.
 And when people ask me, why are you so weird?
I never know what to say.


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  1. here we are…
    so, thank you for visiting our page.. great to know that you liked reading our stuff.. keep reading, and we wish to see your suggestions and critcsm… do check all our post if u get time….
    n here we are..in your page, its neat n fresh, a different poetry..liked it.. keep on writing… god bless ya… inbtwn, we hate literature. 😉
    Its Neethu from Appoopanthaadi.

  2. “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.” I like the feeling very much. Keep it up as long as you can.

    Being happy is superb, at whatever age one is.

    Life is for being happy and making others happy. Keeping others happy sometimes takes away part of our own happiness. Keeping a balance is must.

    • love your comments and suggestions…after reading all your comments,,it leaves me thinking about something or the other..would always look forward for your valuable comments in the coming future..

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